Things You Need To Get Ready For Baby

In the sea of information on the Internet, in the trade network, advice from friends and acquaintances, it is very likely that you get lost somewhere along the way when choosing and planning things you need to get ready for baby. Forget superstitions, choose and personally prepare everything you need for the baby before birth. This will ensure the necessary peace of mind and you will enjoy happiness when you come home with the baby.

List of things you need for a new baby

What are the most necessary things to do to prepare for a baby? This is one of the most common questions asked by young parents. There is no single, definite and specific answer to this question for all parents. Needs, desires, and attitudes are different for different people, but here we have tried to offer you a sample list of products to buy shortly before the baby appears.

1.     For the room

  • Crib / cot
  • Mattress for the cot/crib
  • Bed linen set for the cot/crib
  • Duvet covers
  • Waterproof pad
  • Baby changing table
  • Night light
  • Bucket with lid for used diapers

2.     For the bathroom

  • Anatomical bath with stand
  • Bucket for preparing bathing water
  • Water thermometer
  • Towel
  • Dirty clothes bin

3.     For a walk

  • Stroller
  • Pacifier box for stroller
  • Temperature storage box for liquid bottles
  • Car seat

4.     For feeding

  • Physiological bottle for newborns – 250 ml.
  • Water bottle – 125 ml.
  • Anatomical pacifier
  • Bottle and pacifier brushes
  • Bib
  • Electric sterilizer / cold sterilization tablets

5.     Cosmetics for the baby

  • Bath soap/shampoo
  • Oil/milk for after bath
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Earplugs with stopper
  • Wet wipes
  • Diapers
  • Washing powder
  • Baby manicure set + comb

6.     First aid kit

  • 70% alcohol for the pimple
  • Cotton
  • Sterile gauze
  • Drops against colic
  • Tea against colic
  • Gutator /dropper/
  • Digital thermometer
  • Nasal aspirator
  • Baby zinc cream

7.     Baby clothes

  • Clothes
  • Long / short sleeve bodysuit
  • Top blouses
  • After-bath hat / if the baby is born in winter /
  • Anti-scratch gloves
  • Socks
  • Slippers / if the baby is born in winter /

Do not stock up in advance with a lot of clothes and toys, because probably relatives and friends will give you just that. Don’t buy too many diapers, because until you find the right brand and size for your baby, you may need to try several. While choosing all the products for your baby, think rationally and practically and buy them with a lot of desire and a smile!

The baby room

In the first part of the article, we offered you a sample list of things you need for a new baby. Consistently in the following sections, we will try to give you the specific reasons why and what to look for and what were the criteria for purchasing the goods from the list provided.

1.     Crib / cot

While the baby is a newborn, it practically does not need a special cot to sleep. You can put it in a hammock or a large wicker basket. The baby needs to be in a narrow and cozy place where it feels safe, as it felt in the mother’s womb.

However, if you have decided to provide your child with a cot, it is good to consider your lifestyle, the place you have, and the interior of the room. Keep in mind that if you travel often and have to move the bed, it is good to focus on folding cot beds type which is very practical for such cases.

Other models of baby beds are wooden cots with removable bars in front. They are also available with an additional basket – a swing for the first months and with additional cabinets and a changing table to the bed itself.

2.     Bed linen set for the cot/crib

Adults’ idea of ​​good sleep is usually associated with a soft bed, large duvets, and a comfortable pillow. This is far from the case with babies. Their mattress should be firm and there should be no loose mats and duvets on the bed. This means that the bottom sheet has an elastic band or that its edges are nicely stretched and placed under the mattress.

While your baby is small, it does not need a pillow to sleep on. However, if you decide to take one, choose the lowest possible one to avoid incorrect postures during sleep. Bed linen and baby blankets should be made of natural, lightweight fabrics that “breathe” and do not cause scalding.

3.     Baby changing table

Baby changing tables are a very practical and comfortable item and are certainly among the most important things you need to get ready for a baby. They are made of waterproof fabrics that are very easy and quick to clean. Available individually or as a set for the cot/folding cot, they can be placed on the crib, cabinet, or at a height that is comfortable for swaddling the baby.

The bathroom

Having paid attention to the products for the baby room, now let’s move on to the bathroom products that are most needed at the beginning for the newborn.

1.     Anatomical bathtub with stand

While the baby is still very young, it does not need a separate bathtub to bathe. This can be done in a simple tub, basin, tub, or over the sink. In the store network, however, you can find a wide selection of special children’s bathtubs, in which you can very easily and conveniently complete this “scary” procedure at the beginning. Anatomical or ordinary children’s baths, baths with changing tables, only bath mats, as well as bath stands are available.

Anatomical baths are very comfortable from the moment you can safely put the baby in a semi-recumbent position. They are following the curves of the child’s body, and in them, the baby can stand in a semi-lying or sitting position. We recommend that you place them at the forefront of baby things to buy before birth.

Baths with changing tables are standard, but they have a separate table on which you can wrap your baby. They are also available with one or two shelves for toiletries.

2.     Bath mats and stands

Bath mats are made of plastic or towel. They make it easier for the baby to bathe without having to hold it. In them, the child is in a semi-lying position. Bath mats are placed in all kinds of non-anatomical baths.

On the other hand, bath stands are metal constructions on which the children’s baths are placed for your greater comfort when bathing the baby.

3.     Bath thermometer

For your comfort and convenience in the beginning it is necessary to get a bath thermometer. The recommended temperature of the baby’s bathing water is 37-37.5 degrees Celsius, and that of the air is about 22 degrees Celsius. You can prepare the water in a bucket, and then, if you want to help yourself with a watering bowl.

The use of a hygrometer is necessary when the air in the room is more humid or there are large variations in humidity. There is a wide variety of hygrometers on the market, and it is recommended that the relative humidity be between 40 and 60%.

Going for a walk with the baby

1.     Baby stroller

One of the most important things to do before a baby arrives is choosing a stroller. Along with children’s furniture, clothes, and baby food, strollers are the next product on the market, which is available in an extremely wide range of models and brands.

The basic types of strollers that you should know before making your choice are summer strollers, combined strollers with one basket, combined strollers with two baskets – summer and winter one, and tricycles. Depending on the season in which your baby will be born, you can decide what type of stroller you will need.

The main criteria that are good to consider when choosing a stroller are maneuverability, weight, ease of folding the stroller, and the position of the baby’s back. The more maneuverable, light, easy to fold, and with more positions on the back a stroller model is, the more comfortable and easy it will be for you during its operation.

2.     Baby car seat

The car seat occupies an important place among the things you need to get ready for a baby. It is a very important device that is used after the baby is discharged from the maternity hospital. Transporting the child outside the specially adapted chair creates a very great danger to its life and health in the event of an accident, as it is unprotected.

The first baby car seat is used until the baby starts to sit firmly, during which time it must be turned against the direction of movement. Always use seat belts. Avoid buttoning them on outerwear – jacket, astronaut, as this way they do not fit the body well enough and the child is not well protected.


1.     Adapted milk

Even if you are breastfeeding the baby completely, it is good to have a box of formula at home. Lactation could be influenced by various factors, especially in the beginning. For this reason, it is good to be prepared if this happens at night, for example. Take a box of standard infant formula from the pharmacy and do not open it unless necessary.

2.     Breastpump

It is not always necessary, but it is helpful to the breastfeeding mother. In the beginning, the baby does not have an accurate sleep and wakefulness regime, and according to the latest recommendations, it should be breastfed “on-demand”. Lactation, on the other hand, is also not yet regulated by the baby’s diet.

The breast pump, on one hand, stimulates milk production and, on the other hand, in this way pumped milk can be stored and used in the future. If it is not used immediately, it should be stored in the refrigerator within the same day or in the freezer, and then its shelf life is 6 months. Mandatory sachets of milk are labeled with the date when it was frozen.

3.     Feeding bottles

When we talk about things you need to get ready for baby, feeding bottles are among the most important ones. The store network again has a wide range to choose from. The main differences between the models are the material from which the bottles are made, the weight, the shape, and the size of the bottleneck.

The products from which baby bottles are made are different types of plastic or glass. There is evidence that some types of plastics at high temperatures of the liquid in them, emit harmful elements to human health. These dangers are avoided when using glass bottles.

The size of the bottleneck is important depending on the purpose of use. When the bottle will be used for water, tea, or juice, a wide neck of the bottle is not needed. However, when the bottle will be used for adapted milk, it is a good idea to provide one with a wide opening to make it easier to pour the milk mixture.

4.     Sterilizer

To maintain good hygiene of bottles and baby pacifiers in the early months, it is recommended to use sterilization. Sterilization can be performed with an electric steam sterilizer, a microwave sterilizer, and cold sterilization using tablets or liquid.

The electric steam sterilizer works on the principle of hot disinfection as the water is heated to 95-97 degrees Celsius and with the help of the formed steam all bacteria are destroyed.

The microwave sterilizer is a device that is placed in a microwave oven and sterilization is performed there. Cold sterilization is applied by dissolving a sterilizing tablet or liquid in cold water and the finished liquid has a sterilization period of 24 hours. A new cold solution is then prepared.

Baby cosmetics and first aid kit

In the variety of brands and types of children’s cosmetics offered on the market, you can be confused. Think carefully about what exactly you need. Do not throw yourself into reckless and unnecessary purchases.

1.     Soap, shampoo, and baby milk

One of the main baby things to buy before birth is soap/shampoo and oil/milk after a bath. Different types are available on the market depending on the base on which they are made. It is advisable to use as many natural products as possible that do not contain ingredients that cause allergies.

2.     Diapers and nappies

To keep your baby’s ass dry, you need to get disposable diapers as well as anti-itch cream. Diapers, regardless of brand, are divided into sizes, which are determined by the weight of the baby and its age. The material from which they are made and their shape is also important. Until you find the right brand of diapers for your baby, you may need to try several.

3.     Creams

All anti-itch creams are made based on zinc paste, which does not allow the baby’s ass to sweat and collapse. You can also use zinc creams for many types of baby pimples/rashes, as well as for nail scratches, but only after a doctor’s advice or examination.

4.     Aspirator / nasal drops

A nasal aspirator is needed in cases where your baby has a runny nose. Since small babies and children cannot “blow out” the runny nose, the aspirator will help you by “sucking” the runny nose into your tank, which you then need to clean.

Colic drops and tea do not need to be in your first aid kit if your baby does not have colic. You can wait with this purchase until you find one.

Clothes, shoes, and toys

1.     Clothes

Practice shows that the most comfortable baby underwear is a bodysuit. While your baby is a newborn, it is good to focus on both bodies wear with buttons on the shoulder and outerwear on the same principle. As the head of small babies is slightly larger, clothes equipped with buttons on the shoulder will facilitate the process of undressing and dressing.

Children’s kicks are also very practical for newborns and young children, as they constantly kick with their feet and slip off their socks. Here, too, prefer only natural, non-steaming materials that do not cause allergies.

Hospital discharging kits usually contain a large diaper wrap, a small decorative pillow, a bodysuit or camisole, booties, and an outer garment. Add slippers, a hat, and gloves that protect the baby from accidental nail injuries.

2.     Baby shoes

There is enough time for this and you can wait. At first, only socks are enough. Unfortunately, baby shoes are quite expensive, but these are purchases that should not be spared. Quality footwear is especially important for subsequent walking, and the correct placement of the feet when stepping, and avoiding unwanted distortions.

3.     Toys

There are a lot of things that baby toys comply with – fabric, allergies, small parts, materials used, etc. It is best to just look at the indications of the age of the particular toy and at least while the baby is very little to choose better quality toys from safer manufacturers.

If you have friends that are also fresh parents, talk to them in more detail, because new products are constantly coming out, some of which are very useful. In addition to useful advice, they can give you some things that their grown children no longer need and save you some money.

How to prepare for the hospital discharge day of the baby?

The discharge of the mother and the baby from the hospital is a small ritual, the performance of which depends entirely on the personal desire and feeling of the baby’s parents. Whether you will invite your whole family or only the parents and the baby will be present is an individual decision.

In any case, the only inevitably present on this day are the mother and the baby. In this article, we will talk a little more about how these two key players should prepare for the discharge. What should be the clothing, are there any accessories and how to choose them, and in general – what the things we should keep in mind are?

1.     For the mother

There are some important things to do to prepare for the baby and the future mother for the day of discharge. We say the future mother because without suffering from unnecessary prejudices, we advise you to prepare for this day calmly and in advance, while you are still pregnant.

Often men fail to understand our demands very precisely. Or we fail to communicate them properly, which is normal at a time of great excitement in the first hours and days after the baby is born. So we will give you a small sample list of things you need to get ready for baby to get and predict the day of your baby’s discharge:


If the discharge of the baby will be during the summer season, it will be most convenient for the mother to wear a light, undemanding dress with a wide waist and made of natural fabrics. In cases where there is a planned or emergency cesarean section, the pants often press on the wound and create additional discomfort.

If the discharge will be during the winter season, it is safest to prepare leggings or pants for pregnant women, combined with a wide, cotton blouse. However, everything is strictly individual. Some women continue to look pregnant months after giving birth, while others can wear their ball gown on the day of discharge. In any case, it is good to provide pants that will not press you too much – this is often unpleasant not only after a cesarean section but also after a natural birth.


Regardless of the method of birth, you will certainly want to wear something soft, comfortable, and probably with a slightly higher waist. Keep in mind that there will certainly be some kind of postpartum pad under your underwear. So choose a model that is comfortable for the purpose, such as bikinis for pregnant women and mothers.

You may want to wear tight underwear or a tightening belt immediately after birth. First, consult this wish with your gynecologist and possibly, after their approval, add this accessory to your list of things you need for a new baby.

Of course, you should also get a cotton breastfeeding bra, which will be your best friend for a long time. Keep in mind that in the first days after birth the breasts are filled with milk and to some extent increase in size – you can take the next cup size.


Often after birth, the legs are quite swollen. This is less visible in women who have given birth naturally and much more severe in an operative delivery. Everything is, of course, strictly individual, but it is good to reinsure yourself and prepare a pair of shoes that are one size larger than your usual shoes.

Of course, we would most kindly advise you to bet on flat, soft, and comfortable shoes, although we admire women who look like on the catwalk even on this day. If you want to be wearing a shoe with heels – there is nothing wrong with preparing one, but be sure to have a backup option in case you give up.

Makeup and cosmetics

If you generally apply makeup, there is no reason to deny it on this day. You can prepare basic things like mascara, pencil, lipstick. However, we advise you, even if you have the time and desire, still do not overdo it with foundation, powder, blush, etc. The small dust particles in them can irritate the skin and respiratory system of the newborn baby, so it is good to get rid of them at this early stage.

Try to avoid perfumes and deodorants not only on the discharge of the baby but at least in the first few months of its life. Their scents are too strong and their ingredients are too unsuitable for the baby’s delicate senses and delicate skin. If you want to use at least deodorant on the day of discharge and after – look for harmless bio alternatives and without unnecessary chemicals and put them in your list of things you need for a new baby.

2.     For the baby

For a baby of several days, discharge from the hospital is the first contact with the outside world. It will take its first breath of fresh air, travel home, and get to know its home. Apart from healthy and happy parents, what else will your baby need on the day of its discharge from the hospital?

Baby car seat

As mentioned above, this is one of the biggest and most important purchases among baby things to buy before birth. It is necessary for the day of discharge. The laws here are clear – the baby rides in a special, safe car seat from the first day after birth, if necessary.

Of course, this should not bother you, because modern car baskets for newborn babies are perfectly suitable and safe for the newborn baby. You will probably feel better if it is in your hands, but that does not change the fact that there it is in great danger in the event of an accident.

Set of clothes for the discharge day

Of course, its components and appearance are highly dependent on many factors – the sex of the baby, the season, the preferences of the parents. The truth is that among the things you need to get ready for a baby, it is good to take the most extended set possible, with as many parts and as many possibilities for combinations between them. This is for several reasons.

The first is that no matter what season you expect your baby to be, it can always happen that the particular day is warmer or colder than usual for the season. For example, it is not wise to have just one summer dress as an option, because your baby may be born on a windy, rainy summer day.

The second reason is that new parents are not always experienced enough to know exactly how to dress the baby to be adequate for the temperature of the day. Of course, this feeling develops very quickly, but midwives and nurses could give you useful advice if you provide them with a discharge set of clothes with many parts.

Most often, soft cotton baby clothes are included in the baby sets with things to buy before birth, such as:

  • bodysuit with short sleeves
  • pajamas with tic-tac buttons for easier dressing
  • baby hat
  • gloves
  • pacifier
  • blanket

The most suitable material for the baby discharge day set is cotton, but it is also permissible for the set to contain plush, linen, or fleece. One of the most important things to do before the baby arrives is to wash the discharge set before the day of the discharge itself. Use specialized baby products, iron the clothes and prepare them in the form in which they will wait for the birth of your baby.

Port baby

This is a small, neat basket or blanket with a zipper for carrying a newborn. It is not mandatory but is purchased according to the wishes and feelings of the parents. There is no problem just carrying your baby in your arms wrapped in a blanket or diaper. There is no problem to carry it in a baby port as well – it’s all a matter of taste and preferences. Nevertheless, the port baby is a good option for winter babies when they need to be carried over a longer distance outdoors.


The responsibility for diapers after the birth of the baby, including on the day of discharge, varies depending on the hospital and its policy. You should familiarize yourself with these rules before you give birth to save yourself some unnecessary surprises.

In any case, it will not be superfluous to provide a package of disposable diapers for newborns of your chosen brand, as well as with suitable wet wipes among the things you need to get ready for your baby. Even if you do not have to put the baby in them before the time of discharge, you will certainly get this chance very soon after.

Protective cosmetics

It is important to protect your baby from direct sunlight on the day of discharge – both while in your arms and while traveling by car, if any. You can do this with sunscreen. It should be suitable for newborns and applied in a very thin layer on exposed parts of the body.

However, if there is a way to protect your baby from direct sunlight without using special cosmetics, this option is preferable. In the car, you can do this with the help of special awnings or blinds to block the sun’s rays.

How to prepare the home for the arrival of the baby

You’ve probably started thinking about things to do to prepare for a baby as soon as you know you’re going to be a mother. But at the end of pregnancy, most women go through the so-called “nesting syndrome”, in which they feel an obsessive concern to prepare everything necessary for the coming baby. To be even more useful to you, we have created for you a sample list of the most important things related to home preparation that you can use as a guide.

1.     Plan places for baby accessories

Consider where it is most appropriate to place the crib. Decide if you need a new wardrobe for clothes and bed linen if you will use a special changing table and play basket in the living room. Keep in mind that baby clothes and blankets are tiny and at first a few drawers or shelves are enough. And if you get a portable bed, you can use it to play in another room.

Most parents prefer the baby to sleep in their bedroom. But you can keep the rest of the things and furniture in another convenient place for you – in the nursery, living room and other suitable room. Besides, you will need a place to keep all the other things you need to get ready for baby – stroller, baby cot, deck chair, and swing.

2.     Choose furniture

When you have decided exactly where to put the baby things, measure the free space and choose furniture that will be the right size and look. For a start, you will need a bed. It can be combined with drawers for greater convenience.

Put wardrobe or chest of drawers for baby clothes, bedding, diapers in the list with baby things to buy before birth. Don’t forget a changing table as well as a play table in the living room.

3.     Provide heating and cooling

Consider how you can maintain the right temperature in the rooms where the baby will stay, whether it is the height of summer or mid-winter. Make sure that the air conditioner or fan is not facing the crib and that the stove is far enough away from it.

The right temperature is especially important in the first weeks when the baby is not yet good enough to regulate its body temperature alone and it is very easy to overcool or overheat. Remember that you need to ventilate well, no matter what the weather outside is.

4.     Consider the need for repair

You will probably decide that it is good to do at least cosmetic repairs – to repaint, move the furniture to make room for the baby, etc. You can decorate the children’s corner or room to your liking and taste – with drawings or decorative wall stickers, a suitable bedside lamp, toys, etc.

5.     Thoroughly clean your home

Even if you do not need repairs, be sure to clean your home in the last weeks of pregnancy. Make sure there is no dust under and behind the furniture, wash curtains, bedspreads, upholstery, and carpets. Wash baby blankets, and you can wipe new children’s furniture. Wash the bathroom and toilet thoroughly.

We recommend that you get an assistant to lift heavy items and work with detergents for you. On the last day before returning from the hospital with the little man, make sure someone cleans the dust again, but this time without using chemicals. Special cleaning agents are important when it comes to things to do to prepare for a baby.

6.     Prepare for emergencies

Those discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit are more likely to be rehospitalized than the average neonatal population. Common causes of unexpected re-hospitalization are dehydration due to vomiting or diarrhea, upper respiratory tract infection, complications of hernia, persistent or worsening apnea, shunt replacement.

It is better to prepare for an emergency before it arises. Before your baby is discharged, go to the hospital where he or she is most likely to be admitted if needed. Investigate the fastest route, alternative route, and also where exactly the entrance to the emergency room, parking lot, and administration is. Be prepared to call an ambulance and call an ambulance if you think your child’s condition is serious.

7.     Pets

Pets are important members of the family. If you have a pet, preparing it is one of the things you need to get ready for a baby. Bring home clothes or a blanket with the child’s scent before discharge. Siblings can help by spending more time with the pet. Be on the lookout for signs of aggression or jealousy on the part of the animal and never leave your cat or dog with your child unattended.

More attention and discipline can solve most of your problems. Not allowing the pet to the place where the baby sleeps will prevent the risk of hair falling on the child and irritation dangerous for his respiratory process. When your child grows enough and you can leave it outside the crib, put a blanket or other mat under it to protect it from the fur, dangers, dust, and fibers of the carpet so that they do not irritate the baby’s airways during play.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What do I need to prepare for a newborn baby?

Think about what you need for the baby’s room, for the bathroom, for the baby’s walk, as well as for his feeding, dressing, and entertainment. Do not indulge in pointless and unnecessary purchases, especially when it comes to clothes and shoes. Babies grow fast and these products can be used in practice for a very short period.

To make it easier for you to deal with everything when the time comes, we recommend that you start early to compile a list of things you need for a new baby. Note the necessary purchases and activities as soon as you think of them in it.

2.     When should I start getting things ready for a baby?

Start shopping when you want it, when you feel it, and when you like it. However, it is good, especially if this is your first pregnancy, to be informed about what stages you will go through and what their specifics are, so as not to inadvertently turn exciting moments into real torment.

The end of the second trimester (between the 19th and 26th week of pregnancy) is a wonderful time to start equipping yourself for your new lifestyle. Then the expectant mother can take an active part in choosing furniture and accessories for the baby and spend more and more time shopping – without feeling pressed by time or running against it.


The anticipation of the arrival of the new member of the family is filled with excitement and impatience for the parents. Preparing the home and obtaining all the necessary items and accessories is important and at the same time extremely difficult due to the great diversity on the market. That’s why we’ve provided you with a list of some of the most important things you need to get ready for baby.

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